Sex toys guide

All about sex dolls

Posted by Love sexy toys gude on Mar 5th 2017

All you need to know about sex dolls Nowadays, career and success get more and more important and sometimes you just don't have enough time build relationships with a real partner. But that's no … read more

​How tо take care of sex toys

Posted by Love sexy toys gude on Dec 29th 2016

How to keep and take care of sex toys Following these rules of keeping, caring and using won't let them brake or hurt you, it's really important. Your sex-toy is a private property, so you don't … read more

​ Sex Toys for Couples

Posted by Love sexy toys gude on Oct 7th 2016

Sex Toys for couples It is used to believe that only single ones who has no partner use sex toys, but this is only partly true. Yes, a significant part of the assortment of sex shops is focused o … read more

All about clitoral stimulators

Posted by Love sexy toys gude on Sep 21st 2016

All you should know about clitoral stimulatorsObviously, the most sensitive erogenous zone of a woman is a clit. Therefore, to reach maximum excitation, it needs to caress the women's clit. It helps … read more

How to use lubes and oils?

Posted by Love sexy toys gude on Aug 9th 2016

There are situations in which the natural excretions during sexual intercourse is not enough. In this case, is needed to use intimate lubricants and oils.Intimate lubricant allow to humidify mucous ge … read more